Ted Grady running our 1310 series CV at the 2004 Supercrawl 

1350 Series CV vs 1310 Series CV

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Many people express an interest in the 1350 series CV (double cardan) type drive shafts. There seem to be a number of misconceptions out there about this type of drive shaft. As with any other product there are upsides and down-sides to the 1350 series CV drive shaft.


We have seen another web site touting the 1350 CV to be three times the strength of the 1310 series. This, We believe to be incorrect. Relying on information provided by the manufacturer of the components, our calculation is that the 1350 series joint is about 37.5% stronger than the 1310 series. The 1350 joint is rated for 2,200 pound feet (minimum elastic limit) of torque. While the 1310 series (stock size for most Jeeps) is rated for 1,600 lb/ft torque. The center pivot pin on the weld yoke is the same size (.500"diameter) on both.

Flexibility & Durability

With unmodified components the 1350 series CV will flex between 20 & 30 degrees prior to binding. This variable will be due to inconsistencies in the castings, the design and manufacturer of the components.

In order to achieve greater flexibility in the drive shaft, we can do some machine work to the CV components. Maximum flexibility requires removing the sealing element in the center.

With most manufacturers components, the 1310 series will flex to about 30 degrees before experiencing the bind. With some tough off grinding to the CV components prior to assembly, this we can usually attain a nominal 35 degrees of flexibility.
The center pivot point on all our1310 CVs will have the grease fitting, allowing for periodic re-lubrication. Some 1350 CVs will have the grease fitting and others will not.

Cost & Adaptability

A 1310 series CV drive shaft (typical application) will have a base price of ~$270. The 1350 series drive shaft would have a base cost of $399.
With either, you may also need to purchase a new out-put yoke for the transfer case. If so, budget another $60 to $110 for this depending on application.
We have many flange & yokes in stock and available for a wide variety of transfer cases for either size drive shaft. The 1310 series is adaptable to more applications than the 1350 series. Due to clearance issues, the physical size of the 1350 series may restrict its use.

Typical 1350 Series CV Components



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