"Parts Mike" Rotor Kit

If you need to install a park brake kit on an Atlas Transfer case or the 231 transfer case with the Advance Adapters SYE kit installed, we recommend the purpose built, rotor kit from Parts Mike. This kit is made to be a direct bolt on for easy installation with no fabrication skills required.

This kit is normally stocked by us and is easily shipped with your drive shaft order. Call or email us for pricing.



Tom Wood's Rotor Kit

For other applications you may want to consider our rotor kit which is not application specific. You need to recognize this is a parking brake and not intended to be used as an "emergency brake", Not DOT Approved and also intended for off road use only.

Keep in mind too, this is not a “bolt on” kit and requires some fabrication skills on your part. We have done this because there are so many variables of applications and other factors which will influence the location of the which make it nearly impossible to fabricate a “one size fits all” park brake.

With that said and done, we do offer a pretty nice kit that will allow you to mount a parking brake rotor on your vehicle.

Kit PartsThe rotor kit consists of a 7-3/4" diameter rotor, a lever actuated caliper and an "L" shaped bracket. From this "L" shaped bracket you will then need to fabricate a mounting to some point on your transfer case. We suggest mounting to the transfer case with at least 3 points. The attached photos will show this being done to the rear of an Atlas transfer case.

We sell the rotor kit for $250.00 and the out-put flange for the transfer case would be $85.00 to $110.00