JK Front and Rear Drive Shafts

Our JK-Jeep Drive Shafts (front or rear)

There are many different ways to build a drive shaft for the new JK. One method uses an adapter flange which bolts directly to the original pinion flange. This is really not much more than a round flat plate with bolt holes drilled into it and a conventional drive shaft weld yoke welded into the center. This then bolts to the stock pinion flanges. We just don't think this is as “clean” of a modification as can be done. What if the weld yoke portion breaks? You could have a tough time finding a new one or repairing the old one. There is also a concern with maintaining the accuracy of the part after welding. In addition to this, the center of the universal joint gets pretty far away from the pinion bearing. Excessive overhung load is not a good thing.

In picture to the right, this shows the stock flange and adapter that our competitors use on the left. Our version is shown on the right.

With our version, we’ve elected to make a replacement flange for the differential pinions. These flanges are machined from solid billet steel. We do not believe this flange will ever break. We designed this to accept standard "off the shelf" mating flanges. If these flanges ever break, you at least stand a chance of getting a replacement part from almost any drive line shop. This also nets a longer drive shaft with the center of the universal joint closer to the pinion bearing.

We can build either drive shaft in 1310 or 1350 series. Unless you plan on beating the vehicle really hard, we believe the 1310 series front drive shaft would serve most people well. Likewise for the rear drive shaft.

In a 1310 series the drive shaft is $489; a 1350 series price would be $649. The price is the same for either front or rear. These prices are for the complete package including required nuts, bolts, and flanges/yokes. We can supply a good fit by application information only but believe we can get the best fit if you will supply a simple length measurement.


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How To: Installing Tom Woods JK Driveshafts

If you have a lift in the vehicle, you may need something to pitch the differential for the CV type drive shaft. This is typically done with adjustable control arms.

Installation is a simple bolt in. You should have available for possible use; an impact wrench capable of delivering 180 LB/FT torque. Box end wrenches of the following sizes 1/2”, 7/16” & 18MM along with a 1-1/4” socket.

Read what Four Wheeler's Sean Holman says about our JK drive shaft:

From: Holman, Sean
Subject: Four Wheeler's JK


We installed the shafts today. They went in without a hitch, perfect fitment. If there was ever such a thing as a beautifully crafted driveshaft, these are them. Gorgeously constructed, they look like pieces of mechanical art and the guys at the shop were impressed. My vibration at 70 is gone and they are baby butt smooth at least until 80mph or so. These are the smoothest, truest aftermarket shafts I have ever installed. All of my future driveshafts needs will go through you. Thank you for the support of Four Wheeler and thank you for such a quality product - a rarity in these days of cost cutting.

Sean P. Holman
Tech Editor - FOUR WHEELER Magazine


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