JL Rear Drive Shaft

Note: Black is the standard finish on our drive shafts, most drive shafts shown in photos are polished and clear coated, this finish adds $25 the cost. We Do Not recommend the polish & clear coat for standard use but for show vehicles or very dry climates.

We build a 1350 series drive shaft for the Rear of the JL Jeeps. Due to the many options available on the JL we do require length measurements in order to build the drive shaft. The measurement can be taken with the stock shaft still installed.

We are currently only able to provide a rear drive shaft for the JL running the Dana 44 with the 28 spline pinion.

If you have changed away from the stock powertrain please give a call and we can guide you through the measurements and dimensions you will need to provide in order for us to build you a drive shaft.

Measurement is best taken from the vehicle as it is resting on the ground (static). Measure from the 3 or 9 o’clock position for the best measurement. If you have a lift installed on the vehicle, you may need something to pitch the differential for the CV type drive shaft to function properly. This is typically done with adjustable control arms.

Pinion should be 1 – 3 degrees lower than the slope of the drive shaft.

Tom Wood's JL Rear Shaft
Tom Wood's JL 1350 Rear Shaft

Our drive shaft package replaces the rear output flange to a C.V. (Double Cardan) compatible flange for the t-case, and replaces the stock pinion flange with an aftermarket yoke.

The above drive shaft is the 1350 series. Cost is $759.00 plus the $10.00 processing and packaging fee.

The standard finish on our drive shafts is black. The drive shafts pictured have been polished and clear coated. We DO NOT recommend the polish and clear coat for wet climates

We use our Gold Seal U-Joints standard. Spicer Greaseable (with the grease fitting in the body of the cross) or Non Greaseable U-Joints can be installed if preferred with no additional charge.