242 HD SYE

242 HD SYE Kit


This SYE kit with our top of the line drive shaft is $750.00. At this price it includes; 1310 series CV drive shaft with the XC or XB slip yoke & spline stub if 36” or less, if longer we will build the drive shaft using 2.5” tube and our standard spline at the same price.

If you want to go all out for strength, you should consider our heavy duty kit with a 1350 series drive shaft. The package price on this is, $900.00. Again, complete with the 1350 series CV drive shaft. In order to gain the full strength benefit from this conversion and drive shaft size, you should also consider changing the pinion yoke to the 1350 series. Depending on which differential you have, this yoke would cost between $60.00 & $130.00.

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In order for the drive shaft to function properly, you will want your pinion to be set 1 – 3 degree’s lower than the drive shaft slope.