Tail Shaft Conversion Kits

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Advance Adapters HD Conversion Kit
231 Transfer Case
Includes our premium driveshaft!
  (no core required) This kit includes a Heavy Duty Tom Wood Custom Drive Shaft!
Instructions for Advance Adapter Conversion Kit


Currie Conversion Kit
231 or 242 Transfer Case
For Reference Only:

Instructions for Currie Conversion

Late Model (type 96 & newer) Conversion Kit
231 and 242 Transfer Case   
$500 up front for the 231 with $100.00 of this being a core charge $900 up front for the 242, with $400.00 of this being a core charge.

Once you have the conversion done, simply return your usable main shaft for a refund. Your net cost of $400 (for the 231) and $500 (for the 242) after return of good core. This kit includes a Heavy Duty Tom Wood Custom Drive Shaft!
Instructions for Late Model 231/242 Conversion

Early design (type 95 & older) Conversion Kit
207, 231 & 242 Transfer Case
$900 up front - $400 core = $500 net cost
231: $500 up front - $100 core = $400 net cost
242: $900 up front - $400 core = $500 net cost
Once you have the conversion done, simply return your usable main shaft and extension housing for a refund. This kit includes a Heavy Duty Tom Wood Custom Drive Shaft!

NOTE: All prices shown are freight paid UPS Ground, Continental US

We offer:

  1. Advance Adapters Heavy Duty (HD) tail shaft conversion
  2. Our conversion design (early transfer case) that is very similar to the Currie Conversion (flanged output)
  3. Fixed yoke output of our design for the late model transfer case (Instructions for Late Model 231/242 Conversion)

These conversions are commonly referred to as "Slip Yoke Eliminators" (SYE).  The slip yoke is not "eliminated", but rather,  moved to a different portion of the drive shaft.

Each of these conversions are offered as a complete package that includes everything required to modify the transfer case along with our top of the line CV drive shaft. This drive shaft will be built to fit your vehicle and is not a "universal fit" drive shaft.

You will need to supply:

  • oil for the transfer case
  • a small amount of silicon
  • possibly shims (placed between the springs and the spring perch) for the rear differential

With a TJ or a Grand Cherokee and coil spring suspension, you will need to have a set of adjustable trailing arms or adjustable cam bolts.

Any of these conversions will give you a fixed yoke/flange on the rear out-put of the transfer case. With any conversion you will also end up with a drive shaft that is longer from center of joint to center of joint than the original drive shaft.  This will decrease the net universal joint angle, giving you a drive shaft that should last substantially longer and run vibration free. You should also be able to keep the transfer case at stock height on vehicles with up to 6" of lift.

Although either kit will work well in any 231 transfer case application. We have generally suggested that on a 1994 and older application, that the Genuine JB conversion would be the best choice and with a 1995 and newer application, the Advance Adapters conversion would be the best choice. This is because of the difference in the main shaft in the area where it goes through the synchronizer hub assembly or chain sprocket. Following this application guide, the customer did not have to mess with either pushing bearings in or out of this hub assembly.

JB Conversions has changed the design of their main shaft to be more like that of Advance Adapters. The result of this is that with their current design of main shaft, you will need to push the bearings out of the chain sprocket in 1994 and older applications. When using the Advance Adapters conversions in 1994 and older applications, you must also remove these bearings.

With any of these conversions, you have the option of having the drive shaft built with a more conventional slip yoke & spline stub rather than the long travel booted slip yoke & spline stub for a cost savings of $30. We would not consider this to be an issue of strength but more of longevity for these two parts.  

In order to build the drive shaft to correctly fit your vehicle, we will need a measurement from the vehicle. If you have a TJ or a later model Cherokee with the rubber boot that attaches to the slip yoke on the drive shaft, measure from the slinger on the rear out-put of the transfer case (this will be the leading edge of the rubber boot) to the center of the universal joint at the rear differential. If you have a Wrangler or an earlier Cherokee, simply measure from the outermost lip of the rear out-put seal on the transfer case to the center of the joint at the differential end.  From this original dimension we will be able to determine what the required length will need to be as an end result after you complete the conversion. If you have a Cherokee application, you will need to confirm the universal joint size at the rear differential per our measuring guide (refer to STEP 2, dimension E). This dimension will be either 3-7/32" or 3-5/8".