Rubicon CV (Rear)

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When lifting a Jeep Rubicon we suggest that you position the rear differential so the pinion points at the rear output of the transfer case and run a double cardan drive shaft in the rear. Generally, the stock front drive shaft will not need replacement or modification. This is because the front drive shaft is so much longer than the rear and the lift will not affect the length or angularity of the drive shaft as much.

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The following information applies to the rear drive shaft of the Jeep TJ Rubicon edition for either the two door or four door versions and assumes a lifted vehicle.

Because even minimal amounts of lift will significantly affect the drive shaft operating angle, ultimately the smoothness of operation and life of the drive shaft, we suggest installing a double cardan (CV) drive shaft in the rear. Using this type of drive shaft will require pitching the rear differential so that the pinion points directly at the output of the transfer case (maintaining 3°s, or less, a joint angle at the differential end). Most lift kits come with either adjustable control arms or new arms of the correct length. In any case, be sure to inquire with your lift kit supplier on this subject.

To read more on why you may need a CV drive shaft, you may find interesting reading at any of these links:

A double cardan drive shaft can be installed in a number of ways. We, and a number of other companies, offer a double cardan drive shaft which requires changing the original equipment rear out-put flange & mass vibration dampener to a yoke. While this type of conversion will yield the longest possible drive shaft, the reduced the operating angle at the transfer case is so minimal that there is little benefit. We consider this to be almost a nonissue.

We do not suggested that the yoke type conversion be done on vehicles with the manual transmission. As removing the mass vibration dampener hub will eliminate the torsional dampening effect of this hub and may induce some transmission gear clatter.

We can supply this type of drive shaft but do not recommend this due to costs of the additional yoke. Complete with the required out-put yoke for the transfer case (1310 Series), the price is $369.

Alternatively there are a couple of methods that do not require removing the original equipment mass vibration dampener hub/flange.

We offer a 1350 CV (double cardan) drive shaft for the Jeep Rubicon. This drive shaft will flex to a nominal 30°s prior to binding and is a direct bolt in replacement that does not require removing the factory original out-put mass vibration dampener hub. Built on a 3" tube diameter and using the stock 1330 sized universal joint at the rear differential end, the price is only $469. The 1350 series universal joint is suggested if your intended usage would be the most aggressive “hard core” type of four wheeling.

Our 1350 Series CV @ $469

Our 1310 Series CV @ $299

We are pleased to offer our newest version which will have improved benefits. Manufactured exclusively for us, we now have a 1310 series CV socket flange that bolts directly to the original equipment mass vibration dampener hub/flange. This part is made from steel rather than cast iron like other manufactures. It is also serviceable with a grease fitting at the center pivot point with designed provisions for a positive greasing during service.

At only $299 we believe this is the best value for Jeep Rubicon, CV drive shaft.

The benefits to this conversion, as we see them are:

  • Ease of installation

  • Does not require removal of the original equipment rear out-put flange & mass vibration dampener

  • Retains the effect of the original equipment rear out-put flange & mass vibration dampener

  • In the event of failure of the CV drive shaft, the original equipment drive shaft can be readily reinstalled with simple hand tools

  • All wearing components have provision for easy and positive greasing

  • Greatest flexibility: nominal 35° prior to binding compared to 30° with most others

While we can build a drive shaft with application information only, to insure that “glove fit” you deserve, we request a measurement from the vehicle. Simply measure from the face of the out-put flange/mass vibration dampener hub on the rear of the transfer case. (This will be the mating surface between this hub and the face of the flange on the drive shaft) To the centerline of the universal joint at the differential end.


Please keep in mind that the drive shaft shown in the photo has been polished and clear coated, this finish adds $15 the cost. We only recommend the polish & clear coat for show vehicles or very dry climates.

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