Shaft Selection: CV or non-CV?

With a conventional two joint drive shaft you need to keep the out-put of the transfer case & the pinion parallel within 1 degree, and in relationship to either the drive shaft should be running at absolutely no greater than 15 degrees (this is a pushed limit).

If you cannot fall within this parameter, then you will want to pitch the differential so that the pinion points directly at the out-put of the transfer case (maintaining 3 degrees or less joint angle at the differential end) & run a double cardan (C.V.) drive shaft.

Please refer to this link to aid in determining your slopes/angles.

Installing a CV drive shaft will usually require changing the out-put yoke on the transfer case to one that is compatible with both the t-case & of course the drive shaft. Or, a slip yoke eliminator (SYE) kit.

We will some dimensional information to build the drive shaft. Please refer to this link for some basic measuring instructions.

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